Letters of Support

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh - Minister of Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics, Planning & Development, Government of Pakistan

PBBF It gives me immense pleasure to address the visitors of Pakistan Belgium Business Forum's website. As I understand, PBBF enjoys a tremendous reputation amongst business and official circles and plays a vital/key role in exploring the possibilities of expanding trade relations between Pakistan and Belgium.

PBBF is not new to me; I am aware of its activities since long and had the privilege of addressing its members when I was Minister for Privatization & Investment on the topic of "Economic policies of the Government" on 13th September 2003. I had also conveyed my message of best wishes and successful visit on the occasion of PBBF's first Trade Delegation visit to Belgium in September, 2004.

I would like to convey through PBBF's website a message of friendship and peace from the Government and People of Pakistan to the Government and people of Belgium and look forward to furthering our friendly relations particularly in the economic realm.

I wish PBBF all the success in its endeavours to further strengthening bilateral and economic relations between Pakistan and Belgium.


Mr. Salim Mandviwalla - Minister of State/Chairman, Board of Investment Government of Pakistan

PBBF I feel it particularly rewarding to write this letter of support for an esteemed organization Pakistan Belgium Business Forum (PBBF). I appreciate all the dedicated and tireless efforts of PBBF for enhancing bilateral and economic relations between Pakistan and Belgium.

In this increasingly globalized world where no successful nation can hope to remain detached from other economies, the joining in partnership of two nations in trade relations is a thing of great mutual benefit to both. Pakistan and Belgium enjoy friendly and corporate ties based on shared values to promote peace, prosperity and stability in their respective regions and the world as a whole. I congratulate the Belgian ambassador for promoting business ties, mutual understanding and friendly relations between our two nations and express my gratitude to the Belgian government for the investment, bilateral trade and business activities between the two countries.

With bilateral trade between the two approaching USD 600 million, Belgium is one of the largest European importers of Pakistani goods like cotton fabrics, synthetic textiles, readymade garments, fish & fish preparations, sports goods and leather clothing. In return Pakistan imports chemical industry products, metals, plants & machinery, plastic and rubber products from Belgium.

The Pakistan-Belgium Business Forum has been established to encourage and promote mutual understanding and friendly relations between our respective business communities, development of trade, commerce and economic cooperation between our two countries and to foster and organize trade and investment delegations, trade fairs, exhibitions and mutual investment in each others’ economies.

As a vital emerging economy in this part of the world, Pakistan has a consumer base of 170 million people and a prime location in the heart of Asia. Pakistan’s ideal location gives her access to all the growing markets of the world. In order to capitalize on its strategic location, Pakistan has adopted liberal and investor-friendly policies the broad features of which include proactive facilitation, guarantees of equal treatment to both local and foreign investors, easy tariff structure and a liberal regime for repatriation of profits.

The Pakistan Board of investment has also taken the initiative to set up Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and other Industrial Zones which will further attract foreign investment to which the BOI assures its full cooperation and support. The BOI has also adopted a policy of public-private partnerships and offer incentives and facilities to local and foreign entrepreneurs.

I invite all businessmen and entrepreneurs to explore the wealth of opportunities in Pakistan.


H.E. Mr. Hans-Christian Kint Belgian Ambassador Patron in Chief

PBBF I am glad to hear that Pakistan Belgium Business Forum is setting up new website.

As your patron-in-chief I have always found Pakistan Belgium Business Forum a dynamic and proactive organization helping increase trade & cultural ties with EU in general & Belgium in particular.

I wish you to the best of luck & fully support your efforts.

H.E. Mr. Hans-Christian Kint
Belgian Ambassador Patron in Chief, Pakistan Belgium Business Forum


Abid Husain, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Belgium-Islamabad

PBBF I am delighted to write this letter of support for the Pakistan-Belgium Business Forum (PBBF) who are very actively involved in promoting bilateral business contacts between Pakistan & Belgium.

This is indeed a laudable effort and compliments the efforts & information already being provided to Pakistani & Belgian businesses by the Trade Commission in Islamabad. The PBBF has, through its various affiliations with notably the Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Belgium & Luxembourg and the Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry (BECI) enlarged its outreach and scope.

Pakistan despite its issues & problems presents a multitude of opportunities and challenges to Belgian & European companies to export goods and services to meet the ever growing needs in terms of infrastructure, environment, energy, transport and telecommunications, biotechnology, aeronautics and agro-food sectors. These are the niche markets in which Belgian companies have already proved their know-how and expertise.

The bilateral trade between our two countries is evenly balanced and despite the global recession has not witnessed any drastic changes. In fact the bilateral trade figures for 2010 surpassed all previous milestones. I am sure that once the security situation improves in the country we shall see a further quantitative increase in our trade relations.

In view of the recent events and the new global realities, Pakistan finds itself the focus of world attention. This of course entails tremendous responsibilities. It also opens new prospects. I am sure that Pakistan would be able to meet the challenges of what promises to be a bright future.

I wish the PBBF success in their efforts and would like to extend my full support to their future initiatives.

Islamabad, 06 October 2011


John Stoop President, Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

PBBF The Pakistan Belgium Business Forum is an accredited member of our Federation.

We consider Pakistan Belgium Business Forum a strong and valuable partner both for Belgian companies that want to do business in Pakistan, and for Pakistani companies that want to develop their business with Belgium.

We look forward to working with Pakistan Belgium Business Forum to strengthen the business ties between our two countries.

John Stoop
Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

Mr. René Branders, President, Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

PBBF “I’m highly delighted about the existence of the bilateral forum.
I’m sure that with the coming of our new Ambassador of Belgium in Karachi, great care will be taken by him and his team to continue to reinforce the existing excellent business relationships between our countries. Mr. René Branders
Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce

Mr.Pieter De Crem, State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Brussels, Belgium

PBBFI wish to extend my congratulations to the Pakistan-Belgium Business forum on the launch of their new website.
As the principal foreign trade hub of Pakistan, Karachi is of paramount importance for Belgian export to your country. Two of Belgium’s flagships investments in Pakistan are located in the Sindh province.
There is, however, ample scope for expansion of our bilateral economic ties. Belgium is not only home to a number of international havens, including the major Port of Antwerp; it also offers a wide range of high quality products and services.
In 2015, Belgian goods exports amounted to 359,5 billion euros in total, which corresponds to 88% of nominal GDP.
71% of Belgian exports go to other countries in the EU, which is our common market. Asia is, with 12 % of Belgian’s export, the most important region outside the EU.
I therefore call on all PBBF members to not only further intensify their collaboration with their existing Belgian counterparts, but also seek new partnerships, and form the wish that such endeavors will crown the 20th anniversary of the creation of PBBF in 2017. Mr.Pieter De Crem
State Secretary for Foreign Trade,
Brussels, Belgium

H.E.Mr.Frédéric Verheyden, Ambassador, Embassy of Belgium in Pakistan

PBBFAs the patron in chief of this association, it gives me great pleasure to extend my appreciation to the Pakistan-Belgium Business Forum as it approaches the 20 year anniversary of its creation.
In close cooperation with the honorary Consulate of Belgium in Karachi, PBBF has been instrumental in supporting the embassy’s activities in the country’s main international trade hub.
I form the wish that PBBF further thrives by expanding its member base and identifying new avenues for bilateral cooperation between Pakistani businesses and their Belgian counterparts.
Belgian authorities have long acknowledged the positive contribution of PBBF to the Belgian economy, and grant the association a yearly subsidy.
I believe Belgium’s and Pakistan’s economies are complementary in many ways, and that the expertise of Belgian companies in key sectors such as energy, infrastructure, food processing, chemical industry - to name but a few - can prove invaluable in the transformation of Pakistan’s economy, based on the shared perception that Pakistan needs trade, not aid.
In this connection, I warmly encourage PBBF members to further explore areas in which Pakistani and Belgian companies can intensify their cooperation, tapping into the vast reservoir of business ventures present in Karachi, and wish PBBF all the best in its endeavors.
H.E.Mr.Frédéric Verheyden
Embassy of Belgium in Pakistan

Mrs.Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

PBBFBelgium is the 6th largest European importer of Pakistani goods and the relations between the two countries have always been highly conducive for mutually beneficial trade.
Belgium provides Pakistan access to the European market while Pakistan can serve as the gateway for trade to the Central Asian and South Asian region.
With the bilateral trade between Belgium and Pakistan nearing $ 817 million as of 2015, there is every reason to hope that trade and investment will continue to increase between the two states at a healthy pace.
However, much needs to be done in order to enhance the perception of Pakistan as a potent market for trade and investment amongst the businessmen in Belgium. In this regard the efforts of the Pakistan-Belgium Trade Forum have truly been commendable.
Just last year, PBBF assisted TDAP in representing the colours of Pakistan at the International Flanders Trade Fair when Pakistan was featured as the ‘Guest of Honour’ at the show.
TDAP looks forward to having increased cooperation with PBBF for the promotion of business and trade between Pakistan and Belgium in times to come.
Mrs.Rabiya Javeri Agha
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan